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Illuminate and the Future of Laravel

Watching Taylor push to Illuminate over the last several weeks I wondered what it was and what he was doing.  Reading over his announcement last night I think he's on to something.  I haven't used Composer yet, but I've been interested in the concept based on my own experience working w/ packages and the management issues that arrise when using modular/reusable code.

My initial thought is that having two codebases to maintain, Laravel and Illuminate, will become a big problem over time.  As everyone is making pull requests and improvements to Laravel, the Illuminate project will get more and more off track.  I'm wondering if Laravel 4.0 ought not be a pre-compiled version of the various Illuminate modules, as a GIT superproject of various submodules or a Composer project as was proposed in last night's announcement.

Taylor has been very thoughtful, and timely, in his project releases over the last year.  Laravel 3.0 came out right when Fuel began to stall, and Illuminate might be the next big thing to bring us into the un-framework era of programming.  It would be good to hear what Taylor, and others, think the way forward ought to be -- and what Illuminate's effect will be on Laravel.


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Re: Illuminate and the Future of Laravel

I've seen a lot of people respond "anxious" about Illuminate, and about backwards compatibility and so on.
Let me just kick off by saying that I think, there is totally nothing to worry about.

I'll point out some of the reasons why I think this is true

1) Laravel, in it's current state, has a rich feature-set that can solve almost any problem you conquer when developing an application.
I honestly can't think of a lot of things that we are missing, so Laravel is already very complete. Not to forget that I've been using Laravel for quite some time and never experienced any "real" issues so it is very solid as well.
So if you are worried that you are going to be missing out on features, may I ask, what features you actually need that are not in the core now?

2) Laravel is great! I honestly believe Laravel is so much better suited for most of the tasks than any other framework around, and more and more, people discover this and dig in.
I also believe that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg of this trend, and that it will continue for a long time to come.
We are already at 211 forkers, this number is steadily growing every day! This is a great deal of developers that will potentially run into a bug and push a fix.

3) UserScape is developing their products on top of Laravel (3), It is a hard dependency for them.
For this reason alone I would argue that there is nothing to worry about, when Laravel's code affects UserScape's customers, the problem will be solved (by Taylor, the man himself smile

4) Taylor has been adding some great core members, with direct push access to the repository.
This also will allow us to speed up the process of getting a fix merged into the main repository.

In conclusion

Laravel already provides all of the functionality that I want in a framework.
For the things that do not belong in the framework itself, there are bundles that can hook into pretty much every part of the framework.
There is a huge community, and there are several companies, backing this project, and they will probably support it for a long time.


I can only admire Taylor for for identifying the precious things that the world offers us, and putting them into practice in ways most of us can only dream of.
It will be Just another option that we will get, rolling out of Taylor's garage.

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